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Hello, Who've I telephoned please?

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Hello, Who've I telephoned please?

Obsession with security has taken over our lives. On Friday I received another of those bizarre promotional phone calls, this time from Orange. A couple of days before I'd had something similar from Sky TV. In fact it's happened a few times now. The telephone rings and a strongly accented voice says "Hello, is that Mr Shaw?"

"Who's speaking?"

"Hi Mr Shaw, this is XXX from YYY. Would you mind confirming your address and postcode please?"


"So that I can confirm your identity."

"And how do I know who you are?"

"I'm XXX from YYY."

"So you say. Would you give me your date of birth and home address please?"

"I'm sorry Mr Shaw, I'm just trying to confirm I'm speaking to the right person."


I'm not a big fan of identity theft, but I can't see the threat in someone else getting my spam phone calls.

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