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Copwriting with blots

Copywriting: Who Reads It?

Here's a bit of interactivity before we get started. Let's see how much imagination people put into making their primary proposition. It's a little Google game called "How Many Companies Are Leading Companies?". Click here to start (It opens in a new tab).

Depressing isn't it? Surely they can't all be leading companies with a unique approach?*

I've actually heard more than one client say, when referring to a piece of marketing copy, "Let's face it, no one's going to read it anyway." Well, if you approach it with that kind of attitude, then let's hope not. Write engagingly, with interest and clarity, and people will read your copy. Lots of it. The great David Ogilvy noted that copy-heavy print adverts were significantly more effective than those with just pictures and a few words.

This website's a case in point. It's full of text, yet my analytics show page dwell times that tell me that people are actually reading it.

Strangely enough, it's not a difficult trick to pull off. The bad news is that it requires some thought, and that's something that surprisingly few people are willing to commit to. If you can hear a faint jingling in the background, then it's heralding the approach of one of my hobby-horses. You've got to stop talking about who you are and what you do, and start talking about what your customer gets out of it. That may mean you'll end up with several different propositions. Fine, just make sure your prospects can find each one easily and they'll read every word of the ones they find relevant.

Have a look at what I write, and if you think it could be a good fit, get in touch.

* If you're wondering why I added -client at the end of the search term, it's to avoid picking up all the recruitment companies who say "Our client is a leading company..." I excluded it because it's only relevant to recruitment companies, but if you are a recruitment company, don't think you're excused!

Meteor Magazine

Memories of The Meteor

One of the great pleasures of recent years has been to research, write, design and edit The Meteor  for Classic Air Force. Sadly, this project is now at an end with the retirement of CAF's founder, Mike Collett, and the sale of the magnificent collection he built.

I've dedicated a page to a selection of extracts from a copywriting and design job that I'll always remember with great fondness.

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