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School Report

Marking My Work

I don't want to dedicate this site to lauding my abilities to the skies. But when all's said and done, that's basically what the site's here for - to convince you that I'm so bloody amazing that you just have to work with me. Tricky, ain't it? So I thought it might help if I shared a few comments from clients who've been kind enough to make a recommendation.

And now it seems even more big-headed...

Mark Warren

Managing Director, Lister Trade Frames   toggle button

Jem is an exception in the marketing world and he can be very annoying because he always seems to come up with better ideas than me!

Jem is worth his weight in gold, and I know that’s a lot of gold, but he has helped our business to grow and present itself as different to all the other double glazing companies out there.

Despite Jem’s impressive credentials and experience in his field he is really down to earth and has a great sense of humour. He is creative, professional, and best of all he listens to what you want. He then goes away and comes back with something even better!

I have no hesitation in recommending Jem as he has been a key part of our business for many years as it has grown from strength to strength. Jem’s creativity and passion for marketing is abundant and the work that he has carried out for me has always been exceptional.

Peter Shoobridge

Chief Executive, Alba Consulting   toggle button

Jem Shaw is one of those rare people you meet in business that are not only supremely gifted in their field, but who are amazingly invigorating just to be around. Jem and I started out with a service provider-client relationship but soon became friends.

Jem'll Fix It!

On that first engagement in 1996, I had a major technical problem which, if not solved, would have resulted in my losing a lot of professional credibility. While the problem was only tangential to his engagement, at my cry for help Jem got in his car, drove a couple of hours to my home, and spent the evening and most of the night saving my skin, fixing the problem before the following day's big event. He did that because that's the kind of guy he is: a consummate pro, with more personal commitment to help his clients prosper than you'll find combined within a substantial collection of big agencies.

Professionally, Jem's biggest asset is his deep insight - whatever the product or service, he has unique strategic ideas that flow logically and powerfully into tactical executions. He writes compelling copy and drives exceptional creative work from his team.

If it sounds like I'm a fan, dear reader, I am. And it's all based on the man himself. I choose to work with Jem whenever I can, even now from 6,000 miles away.

So, wherever you are and whatever line of business you pursue, I wholeheartedly recommend investigating what Jem could bring to your current challnges.

Will Capjon

Director, Reflex Planning Solutions   toggle button

Approached our sales process from a completely new angle, applied his creative and logical power of thought to deliver, an original sales end to end process that helped secure new deals.

Taj Mian

International Sales Director, Domestic & General   toggle button

I have used Jem a few times. When I really want to make sure the project im working on has the best chance of being the best it can, I want to talk to someone who gets immediately what Im trying to achieve, someone who will get stuck in with me and see it through to the end. Jem is that person. His creativity and support have been very valuable to me. He has the ability to make you think about approaching things in a unique way.

If you need help telling a story or creating the vehicle for telling a story, please call Jem immediately.

To my knowledge he has never paid for lunch though!

Rupert Tubbs

Director, Reflex Planning Solutions   toggle button

Jem will make you think differently about your business, about what you have to offer and how to sell it. Ideas and words are his thing. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Guy Allman

Chief Executive Officer, BTC   toggle button

To use the well worn football chant "There's only one Jem Shaw!" sums up the man. He's imaginative, funny and musical but not very good at staying on dangerously fast motorbikes. One thing is for certain he is a good marketing man.

Trevor Bailey

Airways Director, Classic Air Force   toggle button

Jem was initially contracted to review and make recommendations for Marketing and brand development. This led to website development and implementation plus continuing involvement in a contracted Marketing Director type role. Jem has a unique approach and contagious enthusiasm for engaging customers and stakeholders alike that combined with his integrity leads to fully bought into solutions, fit for purpose, that get the desired results.

Steve Purser

Sales Director, Domestic & General   toggle button

I have worked with Jem a number of times and the results are amazing. Jem is a great guy and works all hours to achieve what can only be described as innovative masterpieces. Between us we created "little jem" who walked clients through a range of options for their business. I could not recommend Jem highly enough!

Miranda Collett

Trustee, Collett Trust for Endangered Species   toggle button

Jem did a brilliant job of designing my new website and is always happy to assist when I need to do something new with it. Great service and an expert at his job.

Jan Edwards

Freelance Writer/Editor, Alchemy Press   toggle button

Jem is a gifted writer of both fiction and non-fiction. His mentoring skills in IT and marketing have proved invaluable to fellow writers in gaining publication.
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