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Big Screen

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Big Screen

There's nothing to say PowerPoint presentations have to be in boring old 4:3 format, or even the newer 16:9 widescreen. In fact many of the larger conferences I've done recently have gone for super-sized screens, using multiple projectors. The examples here, for instance, were around 80 feet wide.

Lloyds wide screen presentation

You need a reasonably powerful machine if you're going to be doing much animation, but nothing so ambitious that it's out of reach. All of these examples used mid to upper-range machines from mainstream manufacturers, though we did shut down processes that weren't needed for the presentation itself. In fairness, that's something you should do for any presentations, if only to make sure you don't get an embarrassing Skype call at an inopportune moment!

The rule I always use for any presentation, and it's even more important for large screen displays, is that no animation at all is better than jerky animation. That said, given a capable machine, PowerPoint has really come of age over the last few versions and can now produce highly credible movement.


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