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Creating atmosphere

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Creating atmosphere

Baginton Air Pageant advertEvery event at Classic Air Force had its own identity. The major national air shows would typically stage twenty or more aerial displays. Our performances were more modest, often with only half a dozen historic aircraft in the sky. But the customer satisfaction levels were off the top end of the scale; everyone loved a CAF event.

A great part of that experience stemmed from the way the stage was set beforehand. We didn't promise skies full of wings, instead we painted pictures - literally in the case of this particular event. Baginton Airport at Coventry has a rich aviation history, including staging the iconic King's Cup Air Race. So that's where I started with this event. Instead of an air show, it became the Baginton Air Pageant. I had a great time creating the art deco artwork, and the posters proved popular enough that we were able to sell them in the shop.

I feel it's important for advertising - indeed all marketing - to set people's expectations to the right level. Make over-blown claims and you breed dissatisfaction and damage your reputation. Pitch it right and you're effectively designing your ideal customer. you might speak to a slightly smaller market, but you'll have their undivided attention and you'll delight them when they buy from you. And that makes your job a whole lot easier next time.


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