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Keep it Interesting

The PowerPoint screen above is part of the project I developed for Forth Capital for their headline sponsorship of the France Show 2016.

Forth Capital specialises in investment and tax management for ex-patriates. It's a complex specialism and there's no question that anyone thinking of settling aborad needs to talk to them or risk losing a lot of money.

But here's where my old logic versus interest hobby horse starts jingling again. The France Show is about lifestyle. Visitors are interested in a golden retreat to a slower, idyllic pace of life, punctuated by good company and spectacular mealtimes. They're not coming to Olympia to listen to someone banging on about capital Gains Tax.

Forth Capital lifestyle posters

The answer, of course, was to focus on that lifestyle and to show how Forth Capital made it possible. I came up with the line "Financial planning for people with better things to do", and we use it to avoid the jargon and make the whole proposition appealing to people who came along for the cheese, the wine and the dream.


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