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Soft Touch

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Soft Touch

I admit I'm a fan of these cushions. This buy-online site is for Fabniki, for whom I also designed the corporate ID. It's a small company that hand-makes cushions in strictly limited quantities from spectacular fabrics. It's a very fluid site, with the inventory changing almost daily.

This site's a great example of showing enthusiasm for your products. You can feel the pleasure that Nicky Powell takes in her designs, and her passion spills over into a persuasive proposition. These cushions have done a lot to appease my wife for my many transgressions (really nasty stuff like not putting the seat down, not cleaning the grill and buggering up her series link on Eastenders), so I can attest that they really are as special as Nicky says.

This is an ambitious little company, and I can see a great future ahead. You can find the website on Buy something while they're still seriously underpriced.


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