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Vintage Rubber

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Vintage Rubber

This one was fun to work on. It's a site I built for an old chum, who used to be my boss in Dunlop Racing Division back in the seventies. Like me, Derek Freathy has turned his back on all the corporate bananas and is chugging along happily and reasonably profitably as a one-man-band.

Jaguar XK120 painting

Concours Classico tubes are made specifically for vintage and historic car race and rally applications. Derek asked me to put together a site that would appeal to enthusiasts and vintage car clubs, and that's what I think we did. I drew up a suitably period brand identity and built a site with a relaxed, retro style. One bonus for me was the opportunity to do a few car paintings to brighten up the pages.

I started off the blog with a few ghost-written items to set the tone, and the rest is down to Derek's matchless fund of memories of how cold and damp the pit lane is at Le Mans at 4:00am.

Derek also has a large collection of automotive and aviaiton memorabilia, so we decided to add a section so that he can offer some of his items for sale. Initially it's not a buy-online site as he's not quite ready to take that step at present, but the mechanisms are there ready for when he decides to push the button.

You'll find the site at


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