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Brushing Up on the Numbers

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Brushing Up on the Numbers

I developed this web application for Breathe Business. It's used by dental practices to get a detailed analysis of their performance.

They're seriously clever people, those Breathe chappies. First, they're smart enough to specialise in an industry they know intimately. Second, they've identified exactly what that industry needs and designed their proposition exactly around that need. Then, to complete the hat trick, they've packaged their solution so that it's what their target audience actually wants.

Dentists are clever people too, but they didn't start their practice because they wanted to be captains of industry. Show them an Excel spreadsheet and their minds will be on orthodontic arcana. Or golf. One thing that's certain is they won't be paying you that much attention. That's a pity, because they do want their practice to be more successful.

Breathe has bottled the ideal practice model and distilled everything down to a surprisingly small number of key performance indicators. Even the most detail-averse dentist can see what's happening. Then it's a simple case of drilling down straight to the elements that need fixing.

The challenge on this project has been to understand the mind-dumps of a client who's not a web techie, but whose understanding of the target marketplace is far beyond masterclass level. Like most elegantly simple solutions, there's some very complicated thinking behind this one. We did it, and the online system's out there creating a USP for Breathe and a business-transforming tool for their clients.

You can see more about Breathe Business's KPIs on


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