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Burofloor Website

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Burofloor Website

Here's another client who's been with me for many years. Now in its ninth year, the Burofloor website continues to be rock-solid and highly effective. Built on the very first iteration of my WInAB (Web in a Box) content management system, at time of writing it's undergoing a back-end update to bring it up to the even more robust WInAB2.

On the face of it it's a fairly typical e-commerce site, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes that meant it needed a bespoke solution. It needs to convert areas in square metres, rounding up to a full box of tiles. The number of tiles in each box can vary. Then the pricing is calculated on a sliding scale, reducing automatically for larger purchases.

The system maintains two separate shopping basket processes. The first is a normal buy-online setup, with an option to apply for a 30 day account or pay via credit card. The second allows the visitor to build up a wish-list of samples and order their despatch free of charge. In this case the system prepares a PDF for printing. This is Burofloor badged, addressed, and has labelled spaces for the correct tiles to be fixed to. The card is then ready for posting.

You can find the Burofloor site on


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