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Little Jem at ebay

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Little Jem at ebay

Steve Purser at Domestic & General is almost certainly the most creative and daring presenter I've worked with. Steve completely gets the concept of grabbing your audience with something different and holding their attention with lots of interaction. It's a stunt not everyone can pull off - it needs a presenter with the confidence to let the audience take the lead. But when it's done right, the results can be spectacular.

This one was one of his wilder ideas, developed for an important pitch to ebay. He christened the animated character little Jem, possibly because he was small, rotund and it proved a right royal pain to persuade him to do what we asked. But when he finally obeyed us we had a presentation the like of which no one had ever seen.

The presentation followed Little Jem through the customer journey, obeying the decisions made by the audience. Each choice led to a mini-presentation on a specific topic. The presentation was made at several locations around the country, and the audience's choices were captured for analysis. A leave-behind version allowed ebay to explore the journey at their leisure.



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