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The Sky's the Limit

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The Sky's the Limit

Here's another Configurative system born out of the dangers of two creative bods being allowed to work together. Steve Purser at D&G needed to present a tricky message to Sky. They were in danger of missing an important target and this was to be a presentation to Sky's regional heads to show them how they could turn the situation around even in the short time available in that year. It's a message that most presenters would shy from, but Steve - typically - resolved to go at it head-on.

To support the propositions, we put together a wide range of initiatives, each with its own detailed financial modelling behind it. Then we handed over control to the audience. for each model they were able to adjust assumptions and forecasts, and then decide whether to flag the initiative for immediate action, action later, or no action. All of this information was captured live during the presentation. By the end we were able to present the regional directors' own action plans back to them. These were also provided to Sky central management.

The result? The imminent target shortfall was avoided and Sky invited us back the following year to do the same job again.

It takes a bold presenter to work this way, but you can't get a better illustration of what's possible if you're willing to go for it.


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