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Alfa Males Wanted

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Alfa Males Wanted

Yah boo to political correctness.

This advertisement was a piece of outside the box thinking I'm still rather proud of. I created it for BTC, a company that's always been fun to deal with. Chief Exec Guy Allman had been tasked by Alfa Romeo to recruit sales executives. Guy's smart enough to know when something needs to be done differently, and he saw straight away that the standard recruitment ad in the classifieds wasn't going to do the job. 

This was a point in Alfa's history when the brand was caught between two uncompromising stools. A good high-volume sales exec could earn well by selling large numbers of Fords. A good premium brand exec could do well by selling smaller numbers of BMWs. An Alfa salesman was selling at mid-range prices, but in premium brand numbers. Alfa clearly needed to bring in new sales people to the market.

The key, of course, is that petrolheads love Alfa Romeo. So we put together a cool, sexy advertisement with the look of a new car ad. But the copy pulled people in to the possibility of a career change. This, for me, is the essence of good marketing. Instead of following the pack, we went looking for the right audience, and then hit them with the right message.

Oh yes, and a final word on political correctness: here's the last paragraph of the advert copy.

Of course, as long as that picture on the left brought out the Latin in you, whether or not you're male doesn't make the slightest difference. But you wouldn't want us to write "Alfa Persons Wanted" next to a car like that, would you?

I do enjoy clients who do things a bit differently, especially in a marketplace as conservative as the motor trade. You can find more of their no-messing approach on


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