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Here's a selection of projects, some of them recent, some of them here just because I like them. They're here so that you can get a feel for what I do and how it all comes out in the end.

You'll notice a few clients cropping up repeatedly. That's because we enjoy working with each other and together we've done some great things. Enjoying what I do is the most important part of why I do it. It keeps me fresh, keeps the ideas flowing and makes life worth the struggle.

And it's made me some great friends over the years, which is definitely the best bit.

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Choose Your Interest

I try to keep this examples bank updated with projects that I think might interest you. The downside of that aim is that it can get a tad unwieldy. To keep it all relevant, you can filter the examples you see using the drop-down above the list or by clicking on any of the icons above the text for each article.


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Big Screen


There's nothing to say PowerPoint presentations have to be in boring old 4:3 format, or even the newer 16:9 widescreen....


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Demo Inside a Presentation

PresentationsSoftware simulationConfigurative

This example uses my Configurative system to embed a fully-featured software simulation inside a sales presentation....


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Little Jem at ebay


Steve Purser at Domestic & General is almost certainly the most creative and daring presenter I've worked with....


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Air America


Executive Flight Training at SafePilot is based in South Carolina. It specialises in training modules on specific types...


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The Sky's the Limit


Here's another Configurative system born out of the dangers of two creative bods being allowed to work together....


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Powering Up TNT


The TNT Presentation Hub was a great development environment for Configurative. It was the first iteration of the system...


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