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Are you making the right pitch?
I'm struggling to find a tactful way of saying this: I doubt if you are, because hardly anyone does. After an embarrassment of years doing this stuff, I'm forced to the conclusion that no one really takes their presentations seriously enough to spend any time considering what they say in them.

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rude gestures

Tablet Presentations
iPad 2 Controlling presentations with intuitive gestures and multiple touch ought to make presenting more natural and relaxed. But are the new touchscreen tablets a breakthrough in presentation technology, or an interesting diversion?

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unhidden agenda

Boredom isn't a great persuader
Why put original thought into your presentations when you can just copy everyone else's mistakes?
If you really need an answer to that question you're probably on the wrong website.

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the cub comes home

The Cub Comes home
A few years back, three grey-haired blokes of varying height raced car vs aircraft across a significant part of Europe. Any similarities to persons living or successful is entirely coincidental.

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Biting the bullet - it's time to get serious about your presentations

Are you committed to your presentations?

Jem Shaw presenting Getting face-to-face with your clients is the biggest opportunity you get to win. So how come it's such a do-it-yourself exercise?

Getting beyond the bullet points takes some tough decisions, not just on who prepares your presentations, but on what actually gets presented. If you're ready to do it properly you need to let go of quite a few pre-conceived ideas; you need to be ready to stop doing things the way your competitors do.

If you're ready to bite that bullet, we've got some great stuff for you here.

[ideas] Let's Explore!

Here's an unusual one. One of my clients loves to go interactive in his presentations. So he asked for a little guy who could roam around exploring the options according to what the audience wanted to hear about. Part of the result is in the video above. The tubby little chap (in the presentation, not me, you understand) roams around a 3D world according to audience responses, opening up mini-presentations whenever he arrives at a destination.
Doze off while that's going on, I dare you!

[blog] Are you on the job with Twitter?

Cooper and Wanamaker Let's all panic about social media. Everyone else is, why not us? Cast your mind back to the early nineties; were you one of the people saying "We've got to get a Website, I wonder what we should put on it?"

See the parallel? Your customers use social media when they've got a spare minute. Make sure you're doing everything you should that's central to their job before you start tweeting about the queue at Burger King.
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[news] HSBC Merchant Services Global Access@dvantage

Jem Shaw presenting Global Access@dvantage is a powerful management tool for clients of HSBC Merchant Services to monitor and control their card payments. We've produced a multi-purpose presentation system that includes an interactive simulation of the software, meaning that it can be demonstrated without the need for Internet access or a live card processing account.
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[item] configurable presentations

Jem Shaw presenting TNT Fashion Group needed a way of preparing custom presentations to make their specialist proposition to the retail fashion industry. So we used our own Configurative presentation system to develop an easy-to-use point-and-click presentation manager. It allows them to assemble any combination of pre-built and custom modules to tailor their presentation to a perfect match to their clients' needs
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